Model Horses Unlimited

The MHU Staff are;
  • Pam Waklam - Editor
  • Lucie Martin - Treasurer
  • Bernadette O'Neill - Diary Co-ordinator
  • Celia Gregory - Grading Scheme Co-ordinator
  • Position Vacant - MHU HOTY Photo Show Co-ordinator


Our year runs from 1st January and subscriptions for 2018 are as follows:

£16 per year for Paper Newsletters - £12 per year for PDF Newsletters


Our preferred form of payment is by Cheque or Postal Order (made payable to Model Horses Unlimited) and you can also pay by PayPal, although there will be an additional fee of £1.50 to cover the charge.
Paying by instalments is available for Membership: Please contact us for more details.
We also offer discounts for family memberships - please ask for more details.
Please contact the MHU Treasurer, Lucie Martin, before sending payment.

Newsletters contain the Diary, Club information and news of Members, plus model news.
We do rely on Members to tell us about new models - please give as much information as you can, especially if you have a picture or link, make, price, colours available, etc.
There is an occasional Magazine Section in the Newsletters containing articles and pictures.

The MHU Newsletters are posted on 1st of each month.


The Diary is a special feature of every Newsletter and is on the front page. It aims to list as many dates relevant to the hobby as possible, such as Photo and Live Shows and Hobby Events. 
If you also wish to advertise your show or event in the Diary please contact MHU. 

There is NO CHARGE for any dates appearing in the Diary, whether the events are advertised in the Newsletter  or not, inclusion in the Diary is available for both Members or non-Members.

The deadline is normally 20th of the previous month.

All events listed in the Diary carry Grading Points (see GRADING SCHEME).  Some carry DOUBLE POINTS:  these are usually Members-only Club Shows and Club Benefit shows;  all others gain single points.

Only Members may enter the Qualifiers and Finals and all horses entered must belong to the Member showing them.

The Finals have to be Qualified for in Qualifying Shows held throughout the year, judged by Members using the Club Show Schedule.  We have about 12 Qualifying Shows annually and we like as many different Members as possible to judge these.  Qualifiers start for the following year as soon as the previous year’s Finals have taken place so these are ongoing.

Models remain Qualified if they change ownership PROVIDED:
(a) The new owner is or becomes a Member of Model Horses Unlimited (only Members may enter);
(b) The details and appearance of the model are not changed.  A different photo of the same model may be entered so long as the model's details and appearance remain the same.

The Finals will be held in the Autumn and will be judged as far as possible by non-Members of the Club.  Entry details and dates appear in the Newsletter and are FREE to enter for MHU MEMBERS.

Champions are then awarded via a Points Scheme. 

The overall Champion and Reserve receive the DAWN WALSH MEMORIAL SHIELDS.  All Champions also receive rosettes which, of course, they keep. The Trophies must be returned to the Club.


The Grand Postal Show is held each year in/around May.  There are many classes and entry is FREE for MEMBERS ONLY. MHU Members are encouraged to assist in the Judging, whether they postal show themselves or not. 

The Dawn Walsh Memorial Awards (named for a Founder of The Club and long-time supporter of the hobby, who died in 1989) are perpetual shields awarded to the overall Champion and Reserve Champion of each Section in turn, starting with the Arabs in 1992.

Grand Postal Show Judges are volunteers from Club Members.  The Club provides Rosettes for the Champions and Reserve Champions.

The MHU Annual Live Show is open to MHU MEMBERS ONLY.
It's organised and run by MHU members in different parts of the country normally around August.
MHU have many donated Trophies and Rosettes and prizes that awarded to the winners.

The Dawn Walsh Memorial Awards (named for a Founder of The Club and long-time supporter of the hobby, who died in 1989) are perpetual Trophies awarded to the Overall Show Champion and Reserve Champion.

The 2017 MHU Live Show is being held in July in Thatcham, near Newbury.

Grades are gained from points won at shows.  You can collect points from any type of show (postal, photo, live). You may amass points from as many or as few of these different types of shows or classes as you wish, although at present most Members Grade their models on all shows/classes entered.

Grading points apply to all shows appearing in the Diary in the Club Newsletters and/or advertised in Newsletters.  

DOUBLE POINTS will be awarded at all Model Horses Unlimited Club Benefit Shows (as long as at least 50% of the entry fee goes directly to The Club and this is advertised in the schedule/advert).  DOUBLE POINTS will also be awarded at all the Club Members-only Shows: the GRAND POSTAL SHOW, PHOTO SHOW FINALS and QUALIFIERS and ANNUAL CHAMPIONSHIP LIVE SHOW.



Grade N - Novice:  50 - 99 points
Grade M - Medium:  100 - 249 points
Grade A - Advanced:  250 - 449 points
Grade C - Champion:  500 - 749 points
Grade SC - Super Champion:  750 - 999 points
Grade V - Victor:  1,000 - 1,999 points
Grade B - Bronze:  2,000 - 2,999 points
Grade S - Silver:  3,000 - 3,999 points
Grade G - Gold:  4,000 - 4,999 points
Grade P - Platinum:  5,000 - 9,999 points
Grade D - Diamond:  10,000 points plus

Certificates and sometimes Rosettes are awarded to models as they climb the Grades.
When you join The Club you will receive details on how to join the GRADING SCHEME.


The List of Model Horse Studs comes out in the Spring each year and is sent out with your Newsletter.
Copies are sent FREE to Members as part of your SUBSCRIPTION

The List of Model Horse Studs includes:

  • The name(s) of your model horse stud(s)
  • The breed(s) or type(s) you specialise in 
  • Your own name so members can contact you. 

All members receive a List of MHU Members. Please note; this does include member addresses.
This List is useful to Members for replying to advertisements or to see if there are any other Members in your area.

Please be assured that your information supplied to MHU will be used by MHU and it's members ONLY. This information will NOT be passed on to any other person or organisation without your written permission. If you would prefer NOT to have some or all of your information included in the List of Members and or Newsletters, please let us know when you join MHU.
If you do not tell us you wish to opt out of having your details listed in the List of MHU Members we will take it that you are happy for it to be included. Thank you.

Above Photo: Cracksmill Ginger Fox winning the Dawn Walsh Memorial Trophy (200?)
Owned and photo by Denise Berrill

What is included in your MODEL HORSES Unlimited Membership?

  • Monthly NEWSLETTERS with Club and model news and lots of shows and other adverts.

  • LISTING OF SHOWS and other activities in the DIARY.

  • ADVERTISING of Club Benefit Shows (100% of proceeds to Club Funds).

UnClassified ADVERTISING and occasionally Classifieds too ......

  • GRADING SCHEME for all your models, with Recognition, Certificates, Ribbons and Rosettes.

  • MEMBERS ONLY Online Yahoo Group

  • MEMBERS ONLY Live Show

  • MHU Facebook Group

  • MEMBERS ONLY Facebook Online Photo shows.

Above: Collection of Dreams
MHU "Horse of the Year" 2009

Owned and photo © Wendy Goodson