The Brief History of MHU.

The late 1950/early1960’s sees the start of the British model horse hobby, with the formation of the Postal Pony Club (PPC), sadly this club folds in 1967. Also in the Late 1960’s Jane Fountain (now Bowell) founds the Model Pony Club.

In 1972 – Marian Rickerby starts the Lindfield Model Horse Association, the first proper 'national' model horse club. Then in around 1973/74 – Marian Rickerby transforms the Lindfield Model Horse Association into Model Horse News, the first large scale British hobby magazine.

The first ever British Live Show was held in 1973.

Model Horse News held it's first Live Show in 1975 on the 5th August at Maidenhead. There were 300+ models and 30 classes. Supreme Champion was Cyndy Strains Palomino Beswick:  ‘Autumn Gold of Lindfield’.  Reserve Champion was Liz Bentleys Rydal: ‘Night Vigrant’. 

The first photo shows were held in the late 1970's.

Dawn Walsh becomes the Model Horse News Secretary in 1983 and Julie Sallis becomes Assistant Editor.
Dawn had been a hobby member for many years before becoming the MHN Secretary. Unfortunately early in 1989 Model Horse News folds, but in the same year Dawn Walsh, Marian Rickerby, Frances Griffin and Lisa McGuinness were co -founders of MHU with the first issue of the MHU  Newsletter dated February 1989. (The above picture shows a photo of the first 2 MHU Newsletters.)
Dawn Walsh sadly passed away in 1990. A tribute to Dawn is printed below.

Marion Rickerby handed over the 'editor' baton of MHU to Pam Wakelam in 2013.

The Model Horses Unlimited 'Hall of Fame' - a website celebrating past MHU Champions.

Dawn Walsh.  1934~1990

Dawn Walsh was born in Reading in September 1934.
She ran her own riding school "Mayfield Riding School" for 17 years. 
Dawn collected model horses from a very young age and it became a life-long passion.  She joined her first model horse club in around 1977.  Her collection consisted of nearly 3000 models and consisted of a huge range of makes and customs. Dawn also made her own models from a variety of mediums - Woodcotes were made of wool and Westones from just about anything else!  She also made mini rosettes and tack and ran several model horse societies. Her most famous model was SKOWRONEK, a Rydal Arab Stallion (see picture below). 

Dawn appeared on TV twice.  Along with her two sons, she appeared on a programme called "Mad About" and talked about the hobby.
She also made an appearance on the 1981 BBC documentary "The English Woman And The Horse." 

Dawn held many live, photo and postal shows and was responsible for introducing lots of young collectors to the hobby - always very patient and happy to help.  She was a stalwart of the British model horse hobby.
Dawn sadly passed away in November 1990.
We would like to credit Marian Rickerby, as some of the above information is taken from an interview she did with Dawn in the late 1980s.

SKOWRONEK - Rydal Arab Stallion owned and photographed by Dawn Walsh